5 quick facts about the Horsa Glider

The Airspeed Horsa was the aircraft used brilliantly in the landings of operation Deadstick.
Five facts about the Horsa, the craft used in Operation Deadstick and beyond…

1. The Horsa Seated around thirty airborne troops, a lot more than the American’s equivalent, the Waco, which could only hold thirteen troops per plane.

2. The first operational use of the Airspeed Horsa was in Operation Freshman in Norway. The raid failed, with the two Horsas crashing, and one tug aircraft also crashing due to poor visibility. All the survivors of these crashes, thought to be around twenty of them, were executed under Hitler’s direct orders.

3. Ten Horsas were replicated for the film¬†A Bridge Too Far,¬†but almost didn’t feature in the film because of damage caused to them by poor weather.

4. After successful use in North Africa and in Operation Husky (the invasion of Sicily), it is thought almost two hundred were used in the Battle for Normandy. They were used not only in Operation Deadstick and the Pegasus Bridge raid, but also as a part of American operations also.

5. The final operational use that the British military had for the Horsa was as part of Operation Market Garden, which saw over four hundred of the craft used in an attempt to liberate Holland.


2 thoughts on “5 quick facts about the Horsa Glider

  1. Sad that the only ‘new’ 100% accurate Horsa built from the original plans lies unwanted in a hanger at RAF Cosford…Seems no one has room to display it. Sad loss of our important airborne history


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