Lieutenant Tony Hooper, MC

Lieutenant Tony Hooper was awarded the Military Cross for his actions at Benouville.

Lieutenant Tony Hooper was the officer in command of Number 22 Platoon, D company, 2nd Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, labelled No 4. Platoon on the night of Operation Deadstick.
Hooper was travelling in the same glider as the Company’s second in command to Major Howard, Captain Priday.
While being tugged by their Halifax bomber, the pilot got lost and ended up releasing Hooper’s platoon in the wrong place, some eight miles away from their objective at Ranville.
However, after capturing another bridge intact, Hooper led his platoon the eight miles or so from their landing site to their intended target, in Ranville.
While doing so, Hooper’s platoon encountered several enemy patrols and engaged with them accordingly. During one of these engagements, Hooper himself was actually captured by the Germans, before Captain Priday helped him escape with the help of his trusty Sten gun.
After linking up with Major Howard and the rest of ‘D’ Company, Hooper and his men were then sent on to Escoville, where Hooper was wounded in action.
While in Escoville, he guided his platoon out of a bombarded position, to one nearer to headquarters in order to regroup. For his heroic actions at Escoville, he was recommended for a medal by Major John Howard, being awarded the Military Cross shortly after.

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