Rev. George Edward Maule Parry

Rev. Parry was the only military chaplain to lose his life on 6th June 1944.

Rev. George Edward Maule Parry was the only military chaplain to die on D-Day, on the 6th June 1944. It is believed that he was murdered in cold blood, and was stabbed with either a bayonet or knife while he was tending to injured men at a medical aid post.

It is believed that the medical dressing station that Parry was assisting at, including delivering the last rites to some seriously wounded men, came under an intense attack by the Germans. Being a medical station, none of the British, including Rev. Parry, who it was forbidden to bear arms, were carrying any kind of weapons.

According to newspaper reports, the Germans attacked the wounded in a “frenzied” state, bayoneting and shooting many of the wounded. It was at this point that Rev. Parry “threw himself between the Nazis and the wounded troops,” subsequently losing his life.

On hearing this news, the question surrounding Parry’s death was raised in Parliament and the Secretary for War, Sir James Grigg, opened an investigation into the murder.

A war correspondent, attached to the 6th Airborne Division, wrote soon after;

“I do not think there was a man in the whole battalion who that day did not fight to avenge the death of Padre Parry.”

Rev. George Edward Maule Parry is buried in the cemetery at Benouville, France.

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Padre Parry, murdered on D-Day, 1944. Colourised by

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