The ‘Boche Buster’

This massive 18 inch gun was deployed in Britain during the 1940s.

This 18-inch, railway mounted Howitzer artillery gun, nicknamed the ‘Boche Buster’ was situated in Kent during the Second World War. Pictured here, it is situated near a tunnel on the former Elham Valley Railway line which ran from Canterbury to Folkestone.


These types of gun were often located near to a tunnel or similar ‘hideout’ so they were hidden from enemy surveillance and/or damage from bombing.

The ‘Boche Buster’ was not capable of firing cross-channel shells, however, there were three others in the nearby vicinity that were (The ‘Gladiator’, ‘The Peace Maker’ and ‘The Scene Shifter’). This 18″ Howitzer was deployed along the south-east coast of England as a coastal defence weapon in the case of a German invasion of England.

The term ‘Boche Buster’ actually originated from the Great War, and belonged to the carriage upon which the Howitzer was mounted. During the First World War, it saw active service in France, but with a smaller, 14″ Howitzer instead.

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