Welcome to my author website – if you want to get to know a little bit about me, read on!I was born in October 1995, which apparently makes me a millennial, but I often feel like I have far more in common with those fifty or sixty years my senior (aching joints included!).

My mother was a teacher at the time but has since moved into the world of ‘after life care’, which is something, as a church minister, that my Dad can also claim to be in.

It was my Dad who nurtured my love for all things military history related; having plonked me down in front of all the black and white war classics like Ice Cold in Alex, Dunkirk and the Longest Day – frequently pausing each to impress upon me the importance of the men and women that fought in these wars.

For my Dad, it was mainly films, but as I grew up, I loved to read at first fiction, then autobiographical accounts of various people who had done remarkable things in times of war.

I quite quickly realised that there was thousands of stories from the two world wars in particular, that hadn’t been told and would likely stay hidden from the public’s eye for a long time.

It was from this realisation that I started to want to tell stories, mainly of those who wouldn’t ever be covered by the mass media or the Hollywood movies that mould our perceptions of history.

To do this, I like to write stories that are personal, to highlight the fact that it was real men and women, sometimes even children that were fighting in these revolutionary conflicts that shape today’s society.

So, that is what I have done, since writing my first published short story, The Silent Invader back in 2017, which was written while I was studying for my A-Levels.

Since then, while working as an undertaker and also studying for a Military History degree, I have written many other books, and will continue to do so!

Thank you for reading this quick rundown about me, if there’s anything else that you wish to know, leave me a comment to say hi, or email me at ThomasWoodBooks@outlook.com

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