All Men are Casualties

My Second book, All Men are Casualties, will be released later on this month. Read on for more information.Thank you to all those that downloaded and re-downloaded my first book, The Silent Invader, when it was re-released earlier this week!

All Men are Casualties by Thomas Wood Book 2 in the Gliders over Normandy seriesI am now thrilled to announce that the follow up book, ‘All Men are Casualties’ is due to be released on 19th October 2018 and will be book number 2 in my Gliders over Normandy’ series.

All Men are Casualties is a direct continuation of events that took place in The Silent Invader, with the viewpoint switching from the pilot we got to know to Staff Sergeant John Chambers, his co-pilot.

John is a confident, working class lad who has looked forward to going to war. But as his involvement in Operation Deadstick becomes even more life-threatening, he is plunged into recalling the tales that he heard from his Dad’s war a little over twenty years before.

John has heard some terrible things from his father, he goes on to do terrible things himself, but how will he cope after his war is over? Will he ever be able to adjust?

All Men are Casualties is available to pre-order on Amazon now (UK Store or the US store).

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