OUT NOW – All Men are Casualties

All Men are Casualties is out today!

All Men are Casualties

All Men are Casualties, the second book in the ‘Gliders over Normandy’ series, is out today!

Available to read for free if you’re in the Kindle Unlimited programme, or for just £1.99 if you aren’t.

Sergeant John Chambers is a working-class teenager who finds himself in amongst the action on D-Day, as part of the airborne task force assigned to capture a pair of bridges in Normandy. His father had been a tank driver during the Great War, at the spearhead of a revolutionary, technological war.

Both John and his father experience war in its most brutal form, watching their friends ripped apart by bombs and bullets, with no real prospect of it being over for them anytime soon.

Deep down, they are both acutely aware that they will carry the memories of what they have witnessed for years to come.

Trapped in a never-ending cycle of harrowing dreams and vicious psychotic episodes, John embarks on a pilgrimage that he hopes will wipe his mind of the pure evil that he has witnessed

How will John cope with the physical reminders of the war? Will he be able to cope at all with the mental ones?

View on Amazon now, by clicking below!

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