As If They Were My Own – OUT SOON

The third book in the ‘Gliders over Normandy’ Series will be released on 16th November 2018.Thank you to all those who downloaded my new book, All Men are Casualties when it came out last week!

As If They Were My Own by Thomas WoodThe third, and final instalment of the ‘Gliders over Normandy’ series will be released on November 16th 2018, but is available for pre-order now (US & UK Amazon Stores).

Although not a direct follow on from The Silent Invader and All Men are Casualties, there is a heavy amount of crossover if you enjoyed the last two!

As If They Were My Own follows the exploits of Company Sergeant Major Baker of Britain’s Parachute Regiment, who is preparing to land by glider, at the Merville Battery.

The battery itself, a significant objective for the Allies on D-Day, is heavily defended and has the ability to launch artillery strikes down on the British beaches in Normandy.

CSM Baker, who struggles with the pressures of responsibility, cares for his men, but perhaps a little too much, frequently putting himself in danger merely to help others survive.

Pre-order As If They Were My Own on Kindle today:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

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