‘As If They Were My Own’ – OUT NOW

The third book in the ‘Gliders over Normandy’ Series is out today.

‘As If They Were My Own’ the third book in the ‘Gliders over Normandy’ series is out now!

Experienced soldiers don’t cry, do they?

Company Sergeant Major Norman Baker is an experienced NCO in Britain’s Parachute Regiment, who wants nothing more than to have the war done and dusted with as little bloodshed as possible. But when news comes through of an almighty offensive against the Germans in France, he knows that it’s a completely unachievable wish.

The Merville Battery is heavily defended; minefields, anti-tank ditches, machine guns, not to mention the perilous journey in a vulnerable wooden glider before he even gets there. CSM Baker, trying desperately to block out the previous horrors of war that he has experienced, must overcome his physical limitations to ensure that this vital objective is destroyed, to avoid having the lives of hundreds of young men settling on his conscience for the rest of his life.

One solider already looms heavily over his conscience, one who is preparing to go into war for the first time, completely unarmed.

Can CSM Baker keep him alive? What about the other hundred men under his command? 6th June 1944 will stick in one man’s mind, for different reasons than it does for most.

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