Wavering Warrior

Private Andrew Ellis returns in ‘Wavering Warrior’ – the second in the Trench Raiders series.

wavering warrior cover‘Wavering Warrior’ – the second book in the Trench Raiders series – will be released tomorrow (1st February 2019)!

Andrew Ellis has been transferred to another company after the fateful advance that saw so many of his previous platoon wiped out. He is slowly beginning to settle into trench life, the boredom and monotony that goes with it gradually becoming the norm.

As he, and the rest of his section, prepare to move off the frontline for some rest and recuperation, he is summoned before a mysterious Captain who has a proposition for him.

‘Wavering Warrior’ tells the story of Andrew Ellis, as he is thrust into the brutal world of trench raiding and the accompanying sombre outlook on life. He must quickly adapt, yet again, to the ways this war is being fought, where sometimes a mace is far more useful than a machine gun.

Available for 99p/c for a limited time only, pre-order your copy today!

Get Wavering Warrior

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