Coming Soon: Invisible Frontline

Andrew Ellis, now an experienced soldier but still only a teenager, returns in the latest instalment of the Trench Raiders series.Due to be released on the 1st March 2019, ‘Invisible Frontline‘ is available to pre-order now.

3d.jpgAndrew Ellis, now an integral part in Captain Arnold’s trench raiding team is at the heart of the action once again in ‘Invisible Frontline’ the latest offering in the action-packed First World War novella series.

Being a trench raider meant that your life expectancy was drastically short, shorter even than what was normally predicted for a frontline infantry soldier. But, as the shells continue to fall on the heads of the British troops, Ellis and the rest of the team are asked to potentially shorten their lives even further.

Andrew is conflicted, with a mixture of guilt over how he feels about a fellow member of the team, how he is beginning to lose his compassion for everyone else but also the number of lives that could be saved if the team are successful.

The mission is audacious and daring, but not one of the trench raiders believe that they will make it back alive.

Will Andrew?

Don’t miss out on the latest brutal and bold episode in Andrew Ellis’ life on the Western Front. Get your copy of ‘Invisible Frontline‘ today.

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