2 Weeks until ‘Invisible Frontline’

Further behind the lines than anyone else before. Dubious loyalties. The frontline is obscured.

There is now just two weeks to go until ‘Invisible Frontline’ – the fourth book in the Trench Raiders Series – is released!

Click here to view it on Amazon now!

Invisible Frontline by British War Fiction author Thomas WoodIt is 1915, and Andrew Ellis is fast becoming one of the most experienced trench raiders on the whole of the Western Front. But it doesn’t come without his fair share of problems.

Struggling to deal with life away from the tip of the spear, the relationships within the trench raiding team rapidly deteriorate.

Made worse by what sounds like a one-way operation, Andrew Ellis and the rest of the team must battle their way through their differences, but also a whole army of German soldiers.

As they slowly turn their backs on one another out of exhaustion and desperation, there is one question that unites them all:

Will any of them ever see the end of all this?

‘Invisible Frontline’ is available for pre-order on Amazon right now! Click here to take a look.
The Trench Raiders series is a fast-paced action and adventure story series, revolving around Andrew Ellis and his experiences of the First World War. View the whole series here.

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