7 days until ‘Invisible Frontline’

The most audacious plan of the First World War. A team of rogues to carry it out. What could possibly go wrong?

Captain Arnold is given orders to raid another trench. But this one won’t be like any of the others.

Invisible Frontline by British War Fiction author Thomas WoodJoin Andrew Ellis, Captain Arnold and the rest of the trench raiding team as they prepare for their boldest, but quite possibly the most foolish, operation of their war to date.

It is 1915 and the cracks in the trench raiding team are beginning to show. Best friends become enemies, while liabilities become closest companions.

In an operation that will see the raiders running for their lives, heading underground and also pointing the gun at one another, Invisible Frontline will prove to be the most explosive tale yet.

With just 7 days to go before its release, you can still make sure you don’t miss out by pre-ordering on Amazon today! Click here to view more.

The Trench Raiders series of books is a heart-racing, palm-sweating action series that follows Andrew Ellis as he experiences life in the First World War. Click here to view the whole series.

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