10 days until ‘Take Aim’

A deadly sniper. A struggling Sergeant. A dead man’s voice.

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The hip flask is all he can think about. Until he finds himself up against overwhelming odds.

Andrew Ellis and the rest of the tench raiders are not unused to small chances of survival, but there is one thing that petrifies them all more than anything. Snipers.3d_l


Captain Arnold and the rest of his trench-raiding rogues find themselves in the midst of an almighty storm. Someone has spoken out about the one secret they all promised to keep, but would anyone own up to it?

Will they even live long enough to ask the question?

Moved from one sector of the line to another, the team must quickly adapt to their new surroundings, as well as their new comrades. But when Ellis begins to show signs of cracking, he puts everyone’s lives at risk.

Can Captain Arnold hold his team together? Can they trust their new counterparts?

In ‘Take Aim’ everything is at risk.

Pre-order the fourth book in the Trench Raiders series, before its release!

The Trench Raiders series of books is a heart-racing, palm-sweating action series that follows Andrew Ellis as he experiences life in the First World War. Click here to view the whole series.

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