OUT TODAY: ‘Take Aim’

One sniper, two outsiders and a dead man’s voice. It all begins to unravel for Andrew Ellis.

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Faced with a situation that means the Trench Raiders are forced to adapt to a new terrain exceptionally quickly, most of the team turn to Andrew Ellis for some sort of guidance. But he can barely deal with his own problems, let alone everyone else’s.3d_l

But when a new operation comes to light for the raiders, they must try their best to overcome their individual issues and act like normal soldiers once more.

That all changes for Andrew Ellis when Captain Arnold reveals something to him. It’s a secret, one that must not be breathed to anyone of the other men, but one that is desperately hard to keep inside.

Will it leak out? Will it put more lives at risk? Can they trust the outsiders who have them in their sights?

All of this mixes with the eternal question that faces every soldier on the Western Front.

Will they survive?

Get in amongst the action with Andrew Ellis and the other trench raiders is ‘Take Aim’ which is out today!

The Trench Raiders series of books is a heart-racing, palm-sweating action series that follows Andrew Ellis as he experiences life in the First World War. Click here to view the whole series.

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