OUT TODAY: ‘Clouded Judgement’


For Andrew Ellis and the Trench Raiders, things are about to get very dangerous. The next mouthful of air they take could well be their last…

Andrew Ellis, revitalised from a brief hospital stay and a renewed outlook on his life, is reunited with the rest of the Trench Raiders at what could be one of the most distressing times for them.

When a faceless figure is able to pass some information to them however, their world is shaken even further by the knowledge that everyone in the near vicinity is in grave danger.

Caught out in the middle of No Man’s Land, the team must decide whether to put their trust in the most unlikely of allies.

Can Andrew Ellis make the right call? Or is his number finally up?

Find out now in ‘Clouded Judgement’ which is out today!

The Trench Raiders series of books is a heart-racing, palm-sweating action series that follows Andrew Ellis as he experiences life in the First World War. Click here to view the whole series.

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