Thomas Wood’s books are listed below. To find out more about Thomas himself, see his Welcome blog post.

‘Gliders over Normandy’ Series

  • The Silent invader (2017)The Silent Invader by Thomas Wood, Book 1 in the Gliders over Normandy series
    • A young, inexperienced glider pilot races his way down to his landing site in Normandy on D-Day, but he can’t rid himself of the anxious thoughts that plague his mind.


  • All Men are Casualties (2018)All Men are Casualties by Thomas Wood Book 2 in the Gliders over Normandy series
    • A continuation of The Silent Invader, John Chambers, a glider pilot, is thrust in amongst the action at what becomes known as Pegasus Bridge. But he is haunted by the warnings from his father’s war, who came away with more than just memories of 1917.
  • As If They Were My Own (2018)
    • Company Sergeant Major Baker is an experienced veteran of the British Army, having seen deployments in far away As If They Were My Own_Pb-ebcountries such as India, but also much closer to home, notably France in 1940. Now, four years on, he is piled into the back of a wooden glider, with more than one battle ahead, one that has frequently got him in trouble before.


The Trench Raiders

  • Slaughter Fields (2019)v1.jpg
    • 1915. Private Andrew Ellis has just arrived on the Western Front. The Allies have dug themselves into trenches. So have the Germans. The only way to break the deadlock is send men over the top. And lots of them.


  • Wavering Warrior (2019)Wavering Warrior Cover.jpg
    • Now part of a section specialising in trench raiding, newly promoted Corporal Andrew Ellis finds himself at the forefront of the action on the Western Front. He has to deal with death, fear and soldiers whose allegiances are questionable.


  • Invisible Frontline (2019)Front
    • Struggling to cope with the demands of trench warfare, Andrew Ellis shoots one of his own men. But he feels nothing. Then, the audacious operation that they are sent on, begins to go horribly wrong.


  • Take Aim (2019)Meduk95 (1).jpg
    • Andrew Ellis is still only a teenager, but he is required to watch death on an industrial scale. Physically, he is struggling, mentally he is on the edge. The sector they are in is struggling with the presence of a sniper. The Trench Raiders job is to take him out.
  • Clouded Judgement (2019)
    • Andrew Ellis, a bedraggled and borderline alcoholic sergeant, is called before Meduk95 (2)his superiors. But, it’s not just his skin that he must save in this lightning quick instalment. Neither is it the lives of his Trench Raiders. It is the lives of thousands of Allied troops that hang in the balance.


  • Long Forgotten (2019)meduk95-2
    • When a Trench Raider operation goes horrifically wrong, it does not take much for some of the raiders to feel completely forgotten. Long Forgotten will be the last Trench Raiders release.

The Alfie Lewis Thriller Series

  • The Evader (2019)
    • Second Lieutenant Alfie Lewis has never been to war before, but now, as his battalion reconnaissance officer, he finds himself at the spearhead of any advance his battalion are to take. The problem is, the Germans are much faster than them and, unbeknown to them the rest of the BEF is being evacuated. Escape, Evasion, Home. is the story of how one young soldier travels across France, in the hope that he will one day see home again.
  • The Executioner (2019)
    • An upcoming release that rejoins the exploits of Second Lieutenant Alfie Lewis.
  • The Betrayed (2019)
    • The third book in the Alfie Lewis Series.
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